Coming Soon: FER

How Will FER Regulations Impact the Comfortmaker® Gas Furnace Line?  

What is FER?

Back in 2014, the US Department of Energy established the first national efficiency standards for furnace fans. FER (Fan Energy Rating) specifies a maximum fan energy rating that varies based on the airflow provided by the furnace fan. 

The FER value is different for every furnace model, taking into consideration:

FER is expressed in terms of power consumption (W) per delivered airflow (1000 cfm). The calculation looks like this: 


Each furnace model must be tested to confirm the FER value meets the regulation, and the furnace must be re-designed if the value is above the allowable limit. FER limit targets either a 12% or 46% reduction in watts/cfm, depending on the type of furnace.

The FER regulations take effect on July 3, 2019. 

What does the current Comfortmaker blower motor lineup look like?

Variable-Speed Constant Airflow (VCA) ECM

Variable-Speed Constant Torque (VCT) ECM

Fixed-Speed Constant Torque (FCT) ECM

Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC)

How does Comfortmaker plan to meet FER standards?

The team at Comfortmaker Air Conditioning & Heating has developed solutions to meet FER standards AND continue to support you with a complete gas furnace product offering. 

Comfortmaker will eliminate PSC motors in new gas furnaces, focus on new ECM motor technology and add further technological innovations to meet FER standards in a revamped gas furnace line. Comfortmaker will continue to support PSC parts for the foreseeable future.

Be sure to check back in early June for full details on a new FER-compliant Comfortmaker gas furnace line!